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Limited Travel

I found a site that would generate maps of places visited. I thought it would be fun to post it. I would have liked to differentiate between places I’ve been to and places I’ve traveled through though. The top map is states I’ve been through. The bottom is states I’ve been to, and I define “been to” as having spent at least a few hours outside of the car. Actually I’ve at least spent a night in every state in the bottom map except for Texas, where I counted it because we stopped at a lake and went swimming.

I Wanna Move Again

It’s currently 65 Degrees warmer in Denver than it is here! I want to be there!!!!!!!

Fort Myers, Florida is only 15 Degrees warmer than Denver. I think I’ll take Denver.

On Work and Computers

I just got back from Circuit City, and am still on my lunch break. I decided to get a new mouse for my computer at work. The mouse issue has been a bit frustrating. Honestly though, I’m not complaining because I could have far worse problems at work. Anyway, the frustration lies first in that I’m using a Mac. Macs come standard with only one button on them, and no scroll wheel. Being a PC guy, I have been using two, three, four, and five button mice for years, so having only one button is wierd to say the least, but frustrating in most cases. I talked to the guy who takes care of the Macs back when I started working about getting another mouse, and he said he’d order one for me but never did. About that same time, I brought in a crappy HP two button scroll mouse that I got free after rebate. I bought it for my laptop, which rarely gets used, so a crappy mouse was no big deal. Now I was having trouble with the thing snagging on the mouse pad and decided I had enough. I mentioned to a coworker that I was going to go buy a new mouse and he suggested talking to my boss about getting the company to buy me one. He didn’t go for it. I would have asked him to buy a Logitech that costs $30. Since I had to buy my own, I got a Microsoft that cost me $20. It’s good enough though. It’s optical, so it won’t snag, and has two buttons and a wheel. It’s much nicer than the HP I had been using until today.

That all reminds me, I can’t understand when people go out and buy new computers, and skimp on things like mice and keyboards. I’m speaking of people’s personal computers. You use them to interact with the machine you just spent hundreds of dollars on, get nice ones, it makes the experience of using your computer much more pleasant. I also recommend a nice monitor and good sound. They’re how your computer interacts with you. I understand hesitation with them though, a nice monitor can be very expensive. The upside is that if you get a nice enough monitor, you can use it long after you toss out your computer for a nice upgrade. Monitor prices are much more consistent than are the prices for the computer itself. The most frustrating thing for me is friends that like to play on their computers as much as I do and have some 10-year-old 12″ piece of junk monitor that they picked up on a dumpster dive and has colors missing and the picture is out of focus. You can pick up a pretty nice 17″ monitor brand new for about $150.

Thursday’s Thoughts

I keep thinking it’s Friday for some reason. Well, this will be the first weekend since I moved that I decided to stay at my apartment rather than go back to my parents’ place. I look forward to it. I plan to get some things done on Saturday that I’ve put off, hopefully I won’t decided to put it off longer. I want to get some shows recorded off my Tivo and onto the computer for Video CD’s. I also want to start going through boxes and throwing stuff out. The packrat in me must die (or at least be beaten into submission).

Sunday I look forward to hanging out with last weekend’s date. No idea what we’re doing yet, but we discussed popping in a DVD. She hasn’t seen Office Space yet, and that cannot go on forever. I need to come up with an appropriate nickname for her soon. (In Garage Logic, I would be foghorned for using that dastardly word – appropriate).

I just thought of another fun project I’d like to undergo in the near future. This blog, along with the other two I’m currently running, are all using the Movable Type standard stylesheets, I’d like to find a non-standard stylesheet that is a little more interesting than these. This isn’t easy. I’ll have to browse through a bunch of blogs that are run with Movable Type and find one I like and steal their stylesheet. Fortunately, many bloggers belong to one of several blogging alliances, which makes finding them much easier than the old Google search. BTW, I don’t bother with an alliance because I don’t know if I really want the kind of traffic it may bring. I am doing this mostly for my own benifit after all. It also takes a bit of ego to do a blog, but a bigger ego to vie for high traffic. I don’t have that kind of ego or want to put that kind of work into it.

A Little Literary Thievery Never Hurt Anyone

I decided to steal something from other bloggers I’ve seen. I’ve noticed some that mention things from their personal life and when they mention their friends, they make up nicknames for the freinds to protect their privacy. I’ve always (as far as I can remember) mentioned my friends as “my friend” or something generic like that. Now To be more specific, as in you’ll know it’s the same friend, I’ll try to come up with nicknames instead. I just hope I can come up with something that they aren’t bothered by, or even that they like.

First I’ll try Vanilla Gorilla. He’s my best friend and most loyal reader. If he doesn’t like that, I’ll stick with the always safe Big D.

So I mentioned a seven-years-without-a-date streak in a previous post. It did, in fact, come to an end last Saturday. I had a great time with Lager Lover’s friend (also his girlfriend’s sister). We bowled a few rounds and had dinner. It was the first I’d bowled since I was in High School, and the same for her. We did alright for not having bowled in such a long time.

I haven’t mentioned much about my move in a while, I don’t think. I’m more settled, but still have lots of boxes to go through. I’m also trying to get used to a different bed. After a month, it’s ok, but I still sleep better on my old bed (not more of a guest bed) and use it when I am having trouble sleeping. The other night I had trouble because we got some fresh snow, the most so far this year, and a guy in my building decided to race his snowmobile in the parking lot at 3AM. I’m hoping one of these weeks I’ll get through a whole week without someone waking me up in the middle of the night. Seems the girls next door have not had their Tuesday night party for the second week in a row, which is a good start. The guest bedroom is much quieter than the master, so I can usually retreat there when I need to though.

I may have won the Lottery!

I have several email accounts open, mostly as a measure to combat spam.
My Yahoo account is very good about killing spam before I see it, but I
still only give it out to those I trust. I also have a Hotmail account
originally created as a spam acount, but have lately been using it as a
sort of “low to moderate risk of spam” account. I also have an Excite
account that is pretty much only for when I know giving out my email
will turn into a spammer’s dream. Well, I was just checking the Excite
account, of which I had ten times more “bulk” mail than regular mail,
and found that one of the messages I got was from one Major Fredrick
Mumba, who is the Personal Assistant to the exiled President of
Liberia, Charles Taylor. It seems they need my help in transfering $18
Million, and are offering me $4.5 Million if I help them do it. Wow! I
could quit my job today!!!

I am thinking of responding to him much the same way this guy
did. Seems that it’s a popular new sport on the internet to string these guys along and make them look like the fools that they are. They are not that intelligent, but they’re in a game that doesn’t require
much intelligence.

Pictures from the Mars Lander

Seems they found life on Mars.

Kinda cool illusion

I’m listening to a Chuck Missler Genesis commentary. He’s talking a lot of science, and discussed in brief the fact that although we perceive three dimensions (four if you count time), we actually live in a ten dimensional universe. He mentioned that on the web, you can find animations of a 4D cube projected into 3D. It’s quite an interesting concept, and quite difficult to visualize, even with it in front of your face. One I found, that can be viewed with or without 3D glasses, is here. Scroll down to see the directions on how to view it.

No work

Today I showed up to work to find that my boss was out of the office for the day. He gave me enough work last week to keep me busy all week, but very little of it spilled over into this week, so I had almost nothing to do today. It took me until 4:00 to think of downloading Diamond Mine to keep me a little less bored.

I had a depressing thought on my way back to work from lunch. I realized that the last time I had a real date with anyone was almost exactly seven years ago. It was the night that the original Star Wars movie was re-released in the theater as Special Edition. I asked her if she wanted to go, but there were so many people there that we did something else instead. Well, hopefully that streak is about to end. I won’t say much more until it does end though.

While a few weeks ago I couldn’t wait until the weekend to go home and escape the loneliness and boredom of Granite City, now I enjoy my quiet evenings and long for one weekend to just lay on the couch and watch TV. It hasn’t happenend since I moved, and probably won’t happen this weekend from the looks of it, but I should have a good weekend anyway. I hope to get out with Street Level this week, as I still have only been out once since August. If it’s as cold as it is today, I won’t be going though.

The cold brings up another dream. I looked at the temps across the country today, and it doesn’t get much colder than here. It’s currently 5 degrees in Minnesota. Denver is at 43, Phoenix is at 67, and Miami is at a very comfortable 77. Even Billings, Montana is at 40. Factoring in Taxes and Temperatures, I want to move to Denver or Florida.


Want to write. Too tired. Will write later.