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Dawn of a New Era

Today marks a turning point in my life on the web. The creation of this site marks a split with Echo Zoe. For the past two years, Echo Zoe has been moving in the direction of becoming a much more formal theological website, with much less of me. I have shied away from posting personal items, especially political commentary, while I build a new “brand”. This site will become the new home for my personal and non-theological life on the web. This site is beginning as a carbon-copy of Echo Zoe, but will be moved in a different direction. Posts that will remain at Echo Zoe will be removed from this site, and posts that are removed from Echo Zoe will remain here. In the future, this site will be a cornucopia of musings, opinions, tutorials, or whatever else I feel compelled to post that doesn’t fit with the new direction of Echo Zoe. For the time being, just take a look at what Echo Zoe was ca. 2003-2006 to get a good idea of what Just a Vapor will be.

One reason I decided to do this is that I want to remain honest with the world, without cluttering what is blossoming into a personal ministry with content that is no longer appropriate to that site. They say that whatever is posted on the internet never goes away. With sites like the Way Back Machine, it is easy to see what is meant by that. I don’t want anyone to ever think that I am trying to hide anything by just deleting old stuff from Echo Zoe. The plan as I see it right now involves cross-linking the two sites, so they will always be visible to each others’ visitors. If something disappears over there, here is the place to find it.

I look forward to the new era and direction of both Echo Zoe and this new sister-site, Just a Vapor.