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Great Salesmanship

Does this make you want to buy a car? I didn’t really want to get a new
C3500 Silverado Pickup – even with all the repaires I’ve had to make to my pickup, but then I saw this three story tall blue gorilla, and I think I may have to change my mind.

Christians and Halloween

As I stated in yesterday’s post, I am no fan of Halloween. Besides the obvious links to the occult that anyone with an I.Q. greater than that of a common lap poodle should be able to see, along with the fascination with all things death, I heard an interesting point the other day. In ancient Ephesus, the Roman culture worshiped the Emperor as a god. Christianity was a young faith, and often persecuted. One test that the Romans did to find out who was a Christian was to randomly pick people in the streets and at the markets and require them to give an incense offering to the Emperor at the local idol erected to him. If you were a pagan, you did as you were told without thinking much of it, but if you were a Christian, you would refuse to do it because it violated your relationship to the Savior, and often you were killed as a result. Some Christians began giving the offering with their fingers crossed behind their backs so to speak, justifying their act by saying they would do more good as Christians alive than dead. These people were known as the Nicolaitans. If you’ve read Revelation, verse six in chapter two says “But this is to your credit: You hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.” (ISV)

The moral of the story is that justifying doing what the world does is something that our Lord says He hates. It doesn’t matter what your justification is. Personally, I think ascribing innocence to the ways of the world is the worst excuse, and it also seems to be the most popular.

A New Beginning?

I just got back from my second interview in Granite City. I got the job! I’ll be starting November 10th, about a week and a half away. I’m mildly excited about getting the job, and that will change to wild excitement when I have finished the first year and the future looks good. It really sounds to me like a good company, and the guys I have interviewed with seem like they’ll be good people to work with.

This means that hopefully sometime in mid to late December, I’ll be moving up there. Until then, I’m not looking forward to the 120 miles of driving every day. It took about 70-80 minutes eah way to get up there and back, which really isn’t that much worse than the 50-65 minutes it always took to get downtown during rush hour. Two tanks fo gas every three days will be spendy though.

I am excited about the prospects of moving. I love my parents, and very much appreciate that they’ve given me a place to live rent-free for the last two and a half years, but I am more than ready to move into my own place.

On This Day…

1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Palace Church starting the reformation
1864 Nevada becomes the 36th State
1892 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is published
1926 Harry Houdini Dies of complications from a ruptured appendix
1941 Mount Rushmore is completed after 14 years
1993 River Pheonix (actor) dies at age 23

On This Day…

1735 John Adams (the 2nd President) was born
1938 The War of the Worlds aired on CBS Radio
1945 Henry Winkler (Actor/Director) was born
1961 The U.S.S.R. tested the hydrogen bomb
1963 The First Lamborghini debuted at the Turin auto show
1988 The Sears Tower went up for sale
1990 English Channel Tunnellers meet in the middle between England and France
1995 Quebec voted not to seceed from Canada

Kids and Oct. 31

Call me whatever you want: anti-social, uptight, ignorant, Christian Fanatic, whatever; I am no fan of Halloween. The occultic roots and influence are far deeper than most people think. Someone once said “asking a Christian to celebrate Halloween is like asking a Jew to celebrate Hitler’s birthday.” I think that says it all.

With that said, last night Tommy Mischke had an interesting idea. We should take all of the sex offenders in a given area and put them all in the same neighborhood. Then we tell the kids that that neighborhood is filled with bad people who have hurt kids before, but that’s where you can get all the best candy. Then the parents can weigh the risks of the people in the neighborhood vs. the King Sized Kit-Kats.

Well, it was funny on the radio!

I hope my car is Satisfied

Those greedy weasels managed to leach $200 out of me to get my heat working, and what’s worse is all they did was flush the coolant system. Half that was to run a diagnostic and the other half was the actual coolant flush. The saddest part of the whole thing was that I already had all the stuff I needed to do the flush myself. I ended up opting for them to do it so that I’d have the assurance that it would fix the problem. I guess if I had flushed it myself, and the flushing didn’t fix the heat, they would charge me for another diagnostic to get at the problem. By letting them do it, they take the responsibility of assuring me that the problem would be fixed.

On the up side, so far it seems to have fixed the problem. It has been putting out heat like a blast furnace. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that when I had the pickup in a grage, be it at home or at work, it would heat; but when I parked in the driveway or on the street, it wouldn’t heat. Of course when they had it in the shop, it was in a garage, so experience says it should heat anyway. I think the problem is fixed though. I also really hope that it no new problems come up. In the last two months, I have spent way too much on that pickup. I got a new tonneau cover so I could use it for work, I got new tires, I put new brakes on it, I got the stuff I needed to flush the system (even though someone else ended up doing it), I got a new thermostat, put a new alternator in it about 2 months ago, a new belt, and gas hasn’t been cheap.

A Rare Sight

I’m sure if there is anyone actually reading this (I know I have at least one reader who is not me), you’re probably skipping over the Tivo updates. That’s okay, I write as much for my own enjoyment as anything else. Well, either way, this is my last Tivo entry for the forseeable future. It’s up and running as good as ever. In fact, it doesn’t have the “bit rot” that it had before the work I put into it this week, so it’s actually running a bit faster than it did before. Anyway, the picture here is a rare sight. There are two shows on the Tivo right now. That screen can hold 8-10 listings, and I usually have to scroll through 2-4 screens to see everything I have recorded. This means when I get bored, I have good reason to find something better to do than watch TV.

One Step Closer to a Job

I just got off the phone with one of the guys at Miller in Granite City, where I had my interview last week. They want to do another interview! That makes me very happy . I should be meeting with him Friday morning. Hopefully in the end I’ll get a good long-term job, even if I have to move out of town.

The Mobile Money Pit

I’m starting to see why people buy new vehicles every two or three years. I always thought it was a little excessive. Well, if you’re going to put a few hundred bucks a month into a vehicle, you might as well make it car payments instead of maintenance! My pickup is in the shop right now hopefully getting the heat fixed. If not, at least I hope to find out what’s wrong with it. It’s still under the extended warranty, but I think they like to find any little stupid excuse to not pay for needed repairs that they can – it is a form of insurance after all, and no one gets out of paying better than insurance companies! (Except maybe the government)