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Climate Hysteria

Yesterday. local talk show host Jason Lewis had Scotland’s Lord Christopher Monckton on his show to talk about “Global Warming.” Monckton has challenged Al Gore to debate Global Warming and has thus far been answered with silence.

Anyway, there is a lot of great discussion over the hour. You can listen to it (at least for the time being) here,


“Vestigial” Organs

This morning on the way to work, I was listening to the local radio know-it-all. Because my morning drive is only about 15 minutes long, I often miss parts of discussions, so I don’t know why he was talking about “vestigial” organs today. However, as is typical among local radio guys (wherever ‘local’ may be), he went off making claims that are untrue, that is: we have many organs in our body that serve no purpose. Such a claim is a favorite of evolutionists that wish to disprove Creation. The ironic thing is though, they appeal to science, but yet disregard copious amounts of research conducted by scientists that subscribe to evolutionary theory.

In 1890, it was believed that the human body contained 180 vestigial organs. That means there were 180 organs that served some purpose in our “evolutionary past”, but no longer serve any purpose at all, or have such a diminished purpose so as to no longer be necessary to life. Through advancements in biological and anatomical understanding, that number gradually went down as we discovered what the actual purposes of those organs are, to the point where the number of vestigial organs believed to be part of the human anatomy in 1999 was 0.

Examples of vestigial organs that are still taught as being vestigial, despite the purpose having been determined are: the coccyx (tail bone), appendix, and tonsils. The coccyx is a set of small bones that evolutionists once believed to be remnants of a tail. That belief was based not on observation (real science), but on the inherent assumption that evolution was correct, and the imagination of the evolutionist. In reality, the purpose of the coccyx is to provide a place for several muscles necessary for the rectum to function properly to attach to. In other words, without your coccyx, you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from soiling your pants. As for the appendix and tonsils, they are important organs for the function of the human immune system. If they are removed, the immune system is weakened and the person gets sick more easily.

While I am very much a Creationist (of the young-Earth variety no less), I respect the atheist’s right to believe in evolution. He may be completely wrong, but he has a right to be. However, it is extremely dishonest to continue teaching junk science that their own guys have long-since proven to be false. I have to admit, my own Christian faith has a lot to do with my young-Earth Creationist views, however the staggering amounts of junk science that I was taught in the government schools to brainwash me in evolutionary theory long after it was known to be junk has done a lot to deprogram be from such view of history. While I wish for my Christian/Creationist brethren to win the debate on origins once and for all, I offer this advice to the other side: if you wish to win an argument, it’s best not to get caught in a lie. The best way to keep from getting caught in a lie is not to lie in the first place. In other words, stop teaching about vestigial organs. Other lies that you have been caught in include falsified “ancestors” to the human species (such as Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man), as well as the embryonic comparison chart that attempted to show that many animal embryos were very similar to human embryos early in their development, and that human embryos have gills in the first weeks after conception. Such long-debunked examples of junk science, which I was taught in the government schools, only made Creationists look better once I began learning the counter-arguments.

For more on vestigial organs, see Answers in Genesis.

Why I Like Him

It’s nice to see that someone on the Right is willing to say it. I also love that he laid the cards on the table in regards to the Fed.

Herman Who?

If you have listened to The Way of the Master Radio at all over the last 3-6 months, you know that they’ve been talking about a product they were working on called “Herman Who”, a look at Biblical hermeneutics. Well, it is finally out and available for order. However, it is a quite pricey $20, and it is a single DVD, 80 minutes of talk.

Hermeneutics is very important. The modern Church has been led astray by poor Biblical interpretation, disregard for context, and historical illiteracy. People hold doctrinal views based on single Bible verses ripped out of context. I’m talking about pastors, people who should have the training to know better. Lay people are too complacent to read the Bible themselves and understand it. They think if their pastor says so, it must be.

It is so important to have at least a basic understanding of how to read and interpret the Bible. When you run into a verse that confuses you, you should be able to use parallel passages to resolve the confusion.

With that said, I want to offer another introduction to hermeneutics that I found invaluable. Twin City Fellowship, a church here in the Minneapolis area, had a ten week course on hermeneutics that ended about two weeks ago. Each session is about 90 minutes long, which brings a grand total of 15 hours of teaching. The class is posted in the web here, and includes the powerpoint slides. Video of the class was recorded, but is not yet available. Not only is it a great class, but it’s free too!

Muslims Persecuted By Christians

You don’t see that headline very often, and for good reason – it just doesn’t happen. However, Christians are persecuted all over the world simply for what they believe.

Christian churches are being ordered closed and those who are steadfast in the faith are losing homes, families and jobs as the cost of being Christian in Pakistan is rising, according to new reports from the Voice of the Martyrs and others. Even the death penalty soon could be a possibility.

The Voice of the Martyrs said, however, Christians are remaining faithful under the persecution, and are in need of prayer.

Relying on eyewitness accounts from 40 recent refugees who fled to South Korea via China, the commission says North Korea has created a reign of terror to crush any religious belief that might challenge the god-like authority of leader Kim Jong Il.

The mere possession of a Bible can bring a death sentence, while attending a secret underground church service can result in gruesome public executions.

One eyewitness told commission investigators he witnessed five Christian church leaders being executed by being run over by a steamroller in front of a crowd of spectators.

Hindus have confronted a group of Christian evangelists, forcing them into a nearby village temple to perform a ritual to “reconvert” them to the Hindu religion, according to a new report from the Voice of the Martyrs which is documenting some of the increasing persecution by Hindus around the world.

While this most recent physical attack was reported by VOM sources inside the Indian state of Orissa, other attacks – albeit verbal – also have reached into the United States.

WND recently reported that Hindus have been launching a series of attacks against Christian organizations dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A report from the Hindu American Foundation accused a long list of Christian organizations, including some providing aid in India, of promoting hatred.

I don’t write much about Christian persecution around the world, but I really should. We are hated and maligned around the world for the sake of Jesus Christ. If it isn’t the Muslims in Pakistan, it’s the Atheists in North Korea, or the Hindus in India. I have never heard a single story in recent history of anyone being harmed physically for their lack of faith in Christ. Atheists scream that they are persecuted in America, but they are given more freedom here than anywhere that their religion raigns supreme. Muslims build mosques all over the Western World, but forbid Churches from being built or expanded in their own home countries. Hindus are often viewed as quite peaceful people – despite their disregard for those in a lower status in their caste system – but are often just as violent as Muslims.

Christians, on the other hand, have been building hospitals in India. They have been providing food for the poor in the Horn of Africa. They have been adopting children from China. What’s the catch? Usually there isn’t one, but sometimes they ask that those they help listen to them share the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. No one is forced to convert. People still get help if they reject the Gospel.

Pray for the persecuted, and come quickly Lord Jesus!

More on the “Unfairness Doctrine”

On Tuesday, in my post “Silencing the Opposition”, I wrote about the “Fairness Doctrine”, which is anything but fair. After giving it more thought, I realized that while this is a horrible and unconstitutional idea, and I am vehemently opposed to it, it wouldn’t be the total end of conservative or Christian radio. In fact, it may be that the “fairness doctrine” is being pushed by XM and Sirius Radio because it would cause the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world to flee to the unregulated world of satellite radio. It would also cause a quick maturation of the netcast (podcast) market, which is also unregulated. Netcasting makes call-in shows difficult, but would be the gaping loophole that could never be realistically closed. It may even be what it takes to move the netcasts that these shows already provide away from paid subscription and towards an ad-supported model.

That doesn’t mean I don’t oppose this. It’s wrong, unconstitutional, and unfair. I would oppose it if it were directed at Liberal media. Political views need to be advanced by articulate apologetics, not silencing of the opposition.

Mourning Falwell

I didn’t comment yesterday on the death of Jerry Falwell because honestly I don’t know much about him. He had a lot of enemies, and has a lot of people that are happy to hear of his death. However, I never heard him say anything I disagreed with.

The only thing I knew about him was that he sued Larry Flynt for including a disgusting cartoon of him in his smut-filled magazine. I got to know the case during a high school research project on speech.

In the day since his death, Those whom I respect have had nothing bad to say of him. His life was dedicated to Biblical values, and he did more to unite Conservative Christians politically than anyone else I am aware of.

Mr. Falwell, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:21. You are now where every Christian wishes to be. We thank you for your contribution to our culture, and will see you again soon!

The Non-Debate

I didn’t watch the first Republican debates, but I did catch the ones last night. I would say that I was disappointed, but I expected so little that it was no surprise that they lived up to my very low expectations. Asking candidates individual questions is not a debate, it’s a question and answer session.

It was apparent to me fairly quickly that the Republican party no longer wishes to hide the fact that it is moving to the left. All three of the media favorites: Romney, Giuliani, and McCain were asked questions to the effect of “you supported X, is that really conservative?” To which all three either made no bones about their support of ‘X’, or dodged the question altogether.

“Fair and Balanced” Fox also had no apparent desire to talk about Conservative issues at all. The most conservative, Ron Paul, was only asked questions about the war in Iraq, in a clear attempt to paint him in as negative a light as possible. I was very impressed with Paul’s answers to the questions, despite the fact that he was clearly flustered and did not have Romney’s articulate demeanor. Paul’s argument was that if we were going to go to war, we needed to do the Constitutional thing and declare it. He even sponsored an amendment to the bill authorizing of military action in Iraq that would have formally declared war, but it was voted down. His other point was that if we are running around the world sticking our noses in everyones business, it should be no surprise when people wish to wage war with us. I solute Paul for not capitulating to Guiliani’s emotional response and call for retraction.

As each candidate moved to the Political Left from Paul, they tended to get more and more time during the “debate”. They also got more chances to talk about diverse issues. If that is what they think Conservatives want, then they are in for a big shock in November ’08 when the Republicans get spanked by Hillary because people like me either stay home or vote third party. I have yet to ever vote for a Republican for President, and Giuliani/McCain/Romney sure aren’t compelling reasons to start.

Until the “Conservative” media and the Republican party gets things figured out, all people like me can do is hope for a divided government, with a Legislature controlled by one party that refuses to give the Presidency controlled by the other party anything that they want and vice-versa.

I’m tempted to run for Senator of Minnesota in 2008 under my new “Vote No” party.

Clinton Lied – People Died

People have such short memories, which is why the media gets away with such incredibly slanted “news”. As I’ve stated more times than I care to count, I am no fan of George Bush’s war of constant redefinition. However, I am perplexed by this refrain from the lunatic left that “Bush Lied, People Died”. It’s such a childish battle cry. The reason for going into Iraq was based on intelligence that I still believe was accurate, that Saddam had chemical and biological weapons, which he was required under several U.N. resolutions to disclose. He was also required to allow weapons inspectors into the country to prove compliance. There really was no reason to believe that he was being honest with the rest of the world when he claimed to have gotten rid of them. To this day, there is plenty of evidence that those weapons were trucked into Syria prior to the invasion of U.S. ground forces. The intelligence reports that were coming in and used to justify invasion were also reviewed by the Legislative branch of the Federal government, which voted overwhelmingly to authorize military action (though they should have done it right and formally declared war). Not only that, but much of the western world agreed that Saddam had WMDs, including many countries that refused to support the invasion in word or deed. Whether or not the intelligence was correct, much of the world believed it. The essence of a lie is that one does not believe that which one is saying. As much as I am no fan of Bush, there is no reason to believe that he did not believe that Saddam actually did have WMDs. So the claim that he lied is obsurd.

Furthermore, if we are to apply the same standard to Clinton that is applied to Bush, the same could be said of him, if not more so. Clinton claimed that Serbia was engaging in mass genocide against the people of Kosovo, and that America needed to enter the civil war there to end it. He claimed that there were mass graves of Holocaust proportions, and that Milosovic was on par with Hitler in slaughtering innocent people. Somehow the silence in reporting mass grave locations and Kosovar stories of genocide once the hostilities ceased went unnoticed. The entire story of cities being wiped out by evil Serbs was made up. It caused the American people to support unnecessary military action in the Balkins, be it active or passive support. We had soldiers that died. Thus: Clinton lied and people died! Not only that, but the lunatic left loves to lament the hypothetical civilian that is killed in a bombing attack. Not only was that just as likely to have happened in Serbia as in Iraq, but the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed out of existence on May 9th, 1999, killing people that had nothing to do with the conflict.

In addition, I want to know why the Left wants us out of Iraq so badly, but there is silence about bringing our boys home from the Balkans. Yes, we still have troops in the Balkans!

So next time a Leftist says “Bush Lied, People Died”, remind them that the stained dress was not the only thing that Clinton lied about, and that his lies led to people’s deaths as well.

Silencing the Opposition

Yesterday I wrote about the scathing hypocrisy on the left. A blatant example that is in the news now is the so-called fairness doctrine. It applies to radio broadcasts, and states that any show that mainly consists of opinion must present both sides of an issue. In other words, Sean Hannity would have to bring Alan Colmes over to his radio show if he wanted to stay on the air.

Of course the fact that it only applies to radio is significant, because radio is the only medium that is dominated by conservatives. Newspapers and television would get a free pass and be allowed to continue stacking their newsrooms and editorial columns with flaming liberals. Universities would continue to be dominated by leftists.

Never mind the Constitution either. Free Speech and a Free Press, according to the left, only applies to them. Freedom of Association seems to mean “you are free to associate with leftists, but not free not to associate with them.” Because this would also likely affect religious radio as well, they can finish off the First Amendment by attacking one’s right to express religious views over the radio airwaves. But then, we conservatives are the authoritarian ones because we would like to be left alone and free to hold our own views.

As is usual, the left has put itself in a position where rather than competing in the market, they have chosen to try to outlaw the competition. Private and Home schools are performing considerably better than the leftist NEA dominated government schools, and so the left refuses to allow “choice” when considering how to spend our own tax dollars on education. Leftists in one state raise taxes to criminal levels and rather than competing with other states that keep taxes to reasonable levels they pass laws making it difficult for people to leave1. Instead of competing in the realm of ideas surrounding homosexuality and make the case for it, they have opted to silence their political opponents through “Hate Speech” legislation.

And we’re the authoritarians!

1In Minnesota, license tabs for vehicles are very expensive. Many Minnesotans have lake cabins in Wisconsin, so they have in the past used their Wisconsin addresses to license their vehicles where tabs are much cheaper. Minnesota responded by passing a law that makes it a crime to license your vehicle in another state. They could have lowered the price below that of Wisconsin and flipped the trend, benefiting their own residents while at the same time providing an incentive for people from other states to spend their vehicle registration dollars in Minnesota and increasing their budget at the same time.