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No Fries?

This is what passes for news these days? I thought I was reading The Onion for a minute! If they had caught the guys, it would be news, but a meal is not news.

One ordered a chicken sandwich and a salad, the other just a salad, Mac said. They were demanding, rude and obnoxious, he said.

Left Behind

Everyone’s off to relax over their three-day weekend. The blogs are silent, the office is quiet, and there isn’t much to do. I have 45 minutes left before my weekend starts, and I’m feeling left behind.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Remember the reason for it, all the men who gave their lives for the United States of America. Have a safe one, and don’t get a speeding ticket!

The Fall of the American Empire

I became a born-again Christian about five years ago, and it happened because of an audio commentary on Bible Prophecy & current events (half of which is available here.) Since then I’ve always been intrigued with prophecy and have endeavored to learn as much as I can. Interestingly, although (in my opinion, as well as the opinions of many others) we seem to be nearing the end of the Biblical timeline and the return of Christ to set up His kingdom, the United States seems to be left out of the cast of major players involved in the end-times scenario. There are many speculations as to why that is. Optimistically, some hope that it is because by the time the major events happen, much of the population of the U.S. will have been raptured, leaving the rest in enough chaos that America is easily taken over by a more powerful entity such as the revived Roman Empire (the modern EU?) headed by Anti-Christ. One possibility is that America declines and/or falls apart. I think it would be kind of cool if this were part of the reason. I know, it’s a bit out there, and I must be twisted to stretch my mind that far. What I’m trying to get at is that it would be cool to see that happen. If it did, and didn’t lead to a second Civil War, I would expect that similar measures would be taken in other states, eventually leading to the dissolution of the Republic. Once one group of people (Christians) succeeds in seceding from the Union to set up their own form of government, other groups (Liberals, Environmentalists, Libertarians, Pagans, Atheists, or whatever) will seek to do the same in other states. Sadly, if we had stuck to the Constitutional model, it wouldn’t be necessary. What is so wonderful about the American Experiment is that it was always intended that each of the States would retain a large amount of sovereignty, and the Union was only intended to be a way of strengthening commerce and defense among the states. Most of the laws that we currently have at the Federal level are unconstitutional as they stand, but would be Constitutional if those same laws were enacted at the state level. Under the original model, if one state wanted to be more restrictive, they could be, and those who liked that model could move to that state. If another state wanted to be free and open, with little government involvement in people’s lives, they could.

I am hopeful but skeptical that Christian Exodus will be successful, and that it will send a powerful message to the Federal Government and remaining states. I fear, however, that if it does succeed, it will be the final blow that will destroy the Republic. If that is the case, I would rather live in a free and open State than a restrictive Nation.

News in Brief

From the Onion

Bush Posts Classified Ad For 90,000 Troops
WASHINGTON, DC—In an effort to relieve the burden on his overextended armed forces in Iraq, President Bush placed a four-line classified ad in the Monday edition of 75 U.S. newspapers. “WANTED: motivated, dedicated, obedient people looking for career in growing field of nation liberation,” the ad read. “90,000 jobs avail. F/T days, nights, weekends. No exp. necessary. Will train. Arabic a plus. Starter pay, solid bnfts.” To further boost military enlistment rates, Bush plans to post the job offer at employment offices in 300 cities across the country.

Today’s “Ray of Hope”

Ok, I stole the title to this post from Joe Soucheray, of Garage Logic, a local radio talk show.

My girlfriend, an employee benefits attorney, sent me the following regarding her conversation with someone in government. I found it encouraging, considering that God was mentioned.

I just spoke with a lady from the Office of Civil Rights (government entity that enforces HIPAA privacy). She told me that my client must document its decision about whether to comply. She said, “This is the federal government. In God We Trust, all others must document.”

Seinfeld & The Man of Steel

The Flannel Avenger had a link on his blog to the new American Express web commercials with Seinfeld and Superman. Check them out, if you liked Seinfeld, you’ll love these short movies.

Pro-Abortion & Anti-Choice

From Khouse e-news:


A teenage girl in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire made British news earlier this month because the school health care worker who encouraged her to have an abortion did not bother to contact the girl’s parents.

After learning she was pregnant, fourteen-year-old Melissa Smith sought the help of teachers who sent her to a National Teenage Pregnancy Strategy service offered at the school. Without first seeking to notify the girl’s mother, a 21-year-old health care worker referred Melissa to a local hospital for pills containing chemicals that would induce an abortion. The hospital did not require parental consent in order to give the pills to a minor.

Melissa’s mother, Maureen Smith, found out about the pregnancy through one of her daughter’s friends and that night talked to Melissa about the situation. Through the conversation with her mother, Melissa changed her mind about the abortion and decided that she would keep the baby. However, by that time the chemicals had already started doing their damage and the hospital later said it was too late to save the baby.

“She had an appendix operation last year and I had to sign two consent forms,” said her mother, “Yet no one thought it necessary to tell me about this.” She said, “It’s devastating that she faced going through a termination without me by her side. She’s just a kid. I feel like my right as a parent has been taken away, like I’ve had my heart ripped out, so God knows what my daughter is going through.”

The girl’s 14-year-old boyfriend is also extremely upset over the abortion and the loss of the baby. The boy’s mother said, “We phoned the hospital on Thursday evening and they assured us everything would be fine. And they did plan to keep the baby – on the Friday they were very happy, planning the future, as fourteen-year-olds do. Then on the Saturday, it all came to a head when it was too late, the termination had already started.”

While parents have a primary interest and responsibility over the health and welfare of their children, they are often treated as irrelevant in the abortion issue. Minor children must have parental permission for nearly every type of medical care and procedure, except when deciding to have an abortion.

A spokesman for Mansfield Primary Care Trust said, “If a young person attends a family planning clinic with an unwanted pregnancy… she will be counseled by a clinician and an assessment made as to whether she is competent to make a decision regarding a termination. If she was found to be competent then a referral would be made to a gynecologist. Whether a parent was informed would be the patient’s decision.”

This kind of attitude outrages parents like Maureen Smith. “How can a 21-year-old think she knows my child better than I do?” she asked.

Parents face similar issues in the United States, where minors can be referred to out-of-state abortion clinics if they live in a state that requires parents to be notified before their children can get abortions. During the 105th, 106th, and the 107th Congresses, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Child Custody Protection Act, which would make it a federal crime to transport minors across state lines to get around state parental notification laws. The bill has been held up time and again in the Senate however, and the 2003 version of the bill (H.R. 1755) is still waiting for a vote in the House, though it now has 101 cosponsors.

One thing that infuriates me in most political issues is the twisting of language and double-speak by those on the left. In this case, they completely disregard what’s best for this young girl. It’s bad enough she got pregnant, but being too young to really think through the consequences of both her situation, and possible choices, they make the choice basically FOR her while stomping on the rights of her parents.

I’ve read too many stories about what goes on in abortion clinics to allow any Left-Liberal to get away with using the term “Pro-Choice” in regards to their views on the issue. Most of the hard-core leftists that are in Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Death clinics are not for the woman’s right to chose, they are for the Doctor’s right to chose because the doctor always choses death. It is rare that I read a story about a clinic counseling a woman on options that allow the child to live, or exercise full disclosure and inform the woman of the consequences of abortion.

Before becoming a born-again Christian, I leaned to the left in my political views. I was “pro-choice” at the time. It’s because of this that I am confident that most people who lean to the left (as opposed to being completely Leftist) are ok with abortions in the extreme situations, but are not for abortion-on-demand as pushed by Planned Parenthood and NOW. While I was at one time against the abolition of abortion, I never supported it as a form of birth control. Now, I am only for it in the less than 1/10% of cases where the mother’s life is in danger. As for rape and incest, you don’t murder the innocent involved. If you’re going to murder anyone in the case of rape or incest (incest for the most part being by rape), it should be the Father.

Semper Fi

I’ve noticed on my hit counter that I’m getting a fair number of hits from military domains, notably navy & centcom. Now, I know “Semper Fi” is a Marine Corps. thing, but I just wanted to thanks to all you guys for your service. Besides the wife in the family we stayed with in San Antonio (my girlfriend’s aunt by marriage), who is in the Army, I don’t personally know anyone in the Service. I do, however, appreciate every last Soldier and Officer who signs up for duty knowing that he (or she) may be called to give his life to defend mine. Whether you’re on base here in the States, or on duty anywhere in the world – Thanks!

Take advantage of the comments and let us know who you are and where you’re stationed, and when you expect to return home. If you’re stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other combat zone (we ARE still in Bosnia and Kosovo, among other places after all), let us know if we can send you a care package, what you want the most (I know junk food is very popular) and where to send it. Of course, I don’t want you to give any information that could compromise your security though.

Back, but Swamped

I generally have little that needs to get done, both at work, and at home. However, now that I’m back from my little road trip to San Antonio, I have found myself needing to get a lot done both at work and at home. I was only gone for a few days, so it shouldn’t have made a big difference, especially at home. A co-worker of mine, whom I worked with better than my other co-workers, resigned last week, Friday being his last day. I think that, more than my 2.5 day absence from work, is the reason for my being more busy now at work. I’m picking up some of the work that he would have been doing.

The trip went well. We left Thursday evening at about 9:30, and drove almost non stop. I say almost because we did see the memorial in Oklahoma City on the way down. Other than gas stops, that was our only stop. It took roughly 20 hours to get down there. That sounds worse than it was. There were four of us to drive, and we each took roughly 2.5 hour shifts, giving us each about 15 hours to relax as passengers.

While we were down there, we saw the Alamo (kind of a must if you go to San Antone), the Riverwalk, LBJ’s Ranch (Beautiful, and nice to have a tour guide that wasn’t a flaming Lib). We also went searching for a cave that we saw a billboard for. We didn’t find it, but we eventually found a different one about an hour after it closed.

Sunday we went to a HS graduation, our reason for going in the first place. We also went back to the Alamo to see it during daylight, since our first stop was at about 10:00 PM, and to see the IMAX film about the Alamo.

At about 5:00 Sunday, we got back on the road to head home. I was happy to get ahold of Randall Price, the archeologist on the dig that I participated in Israel back in August of ’02. He lives about an hour north of San Antonio, and was fortunate to catch him at a good time to stop in for a visit on the way back.

The trip went well, and I’m glad we took it. If we had it to do again, I would insist on allowing more time. It would have been nice to see Sea World, Schlitterbaun (the Nation’s best waterpark), and a few other sites.

Now back to work….

The Blogger is Out!

Come back soon!

I’ll be out of town for a few days. I’m heading down to San Antonio, leaving tonight. I should be back by Monday, hopefully posting again by Tuesday.