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Joseph Stalin and Al Franken

In my previous post, I described some of the maintenance I’m doing to the site to clean things up. Among other things, I’m going through posts filed under the “General” category and putting them where they belong, as most of the time they got filed that way because I forgot to check the right box before posting.

Interestingly, I found the following, which should have been filed under “Notable Quotables”:

  • “The people who vote decide nothing. The people who count the vote decide everything.”

    Joseph Stalin

It seems that the Attorney General for the State of Minnesota wasn’t the first to come up with the idea of how to get Al Franken into office as senator.

A Little Housecleaning

I’ve been doing a little housecleaning here at, but much of it may go unnoticed.

Now that I’ve looked into what “tags” are, I am finding that I like them, and want to make better use of them. I’ve gotten rid of several post categories (but not the posts themselves), in favor of consolidating them into more general categories and using tags to be more specific. In the process, I went through a lot of old posts that I forgot even existed. While I have definitely changed the focus of the site a lot from the early days, I have decided to keep everything. Originally, this site was created back in October of 2003 as an experiment to see if I could get Movable Type installed on my home Linux server without a friend’s help. Once it was up, it was very much a personal blog, where I discussed just about anything I was interested in. With the addition of the Podcast in May of 2008, I have focussed much more on Christianity and less on personal topics or politics, which were much more frequent topics in the early days. That stuff is all still there if you care to dig for it, just much less of a focus.

I’ve begrudgingly (at least temporarily) switched from PodPress to PowerPress for podcasting. PodPress is a really great plugin for WordPress that makes podcasting very easy. However, its creator stopped supporting it about a year ago, promising to get to it with time and never did. PowerPress was developed by Blubrry [sic], a company that tracks statistics, just in time to fill the gap that PodPress was leaving. As WordPress has progressed with newer versions, things keep breaking with PodPress installed, and it is becoming impractical to continue trying to hold on to it. If you’ve noticed that the player looks different, that is why.

I’m playing with ideas for a site redesign (again), but will likely not get to anything soon. Some things in my personal life are taking up a lot of my free time, and I can’t devote much to such a project. Hopefully things will quiet down enough for me to do something though. I still like the current design, but have been working on a few other websites for other people that have inspired me a little. Being a designer by trade (architecture), it is hard for me to set aside inspiration.

The American Form of Government

In the next podcast episode of Echo Zoe Radio, I mentioned a video about the various types of government that I had watched recently. This is that video: