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On the Election

I don’t have much to say about the way Tuesday’s election panned out besides this:
Sometimes God blesses us by giving us the leadership we want, and sometimes God judges us by giving us the leadership we want.

Blue States for Baldwin

The 2008 Presidential campaign has only one more day before we head to the polls. Given the short timing and the fact that isn’t exactly the go-to site for political information for the whole country, I doubt this post will have a great impact, but I’ll pretend it will.

I don’t think I have too many Obama supporters read my blog regularly, so this one is directed to the McCain supporters. We all know how McCain’s rhetoric has changed in the last few months. He has been one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate for several terms. He has his name attached to far too many liberal bills. During the primaries, countless well-known conservatives swore they couldn’t pull the lever for McCain. However, in the last few months tunes have changed drastically. You’d think that McCain was running for Reagan’s 3rd term the way some people talk.

We all know he’ll go right back to being the guy who stabs Conservatives in the back and runs with glee to the media by Wednesday morning. Nevertheless, there are tons of “conservatives” who will argue that we all have to vote for him because Obama is going to destroy this country.

Let me propose something to you. If you are one of those people, and you live in a state that is certain to go to Obama anyway, would you please reconsider your vote? I live in Minnesota, and unless Obama comes out and says that he thinks Hitler was a great man, he’s going to win in my state. The last Republican to win Minnesota was Richard Nixon in 1972. It was the only state that went Mondale in 1984 (I think only because he’s from Minnesota). If you live in Minnesota, or any other thoroughly blue state, put aside your fears of “wasting your vote”. In reality, a vote for McCain in one of these states is a truly wasted vote, he can’t win any more than Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin can win. So stand up for Conservative values on Tuesday and vote for a real conservative. Send the Republicans the message that what conservatives want from their party is conservative candidates.

Personally, I’d vote for Chuck Baldwin no matter what state I lived in. However, for the sake of this post, I don’t want to argue with those of you living in “battleground” states. Go ahead and vote McCain if you live in one of those states. He’ll be slightly less of a terrible president than Obama would be, and Republicans will get the message that continuing the move to the left is a good strategy, but at least Obama won’t be President.

If you live in a state that McCain has sewn up, toss a coin. Vote for McCain so Obama doesn’t score an upset in your state, or vote Baldwin with the assurance that your vote won’t cost McCain your state in the end. I would never vote that way myself, as I believe that a candidate must earn my vote by his own merit, rather than being the anti-Democrat, but that isn’t the point of this post.

Please, if you live in a state Obama has in the bag, vote Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin. Help move this country back to the right!