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The XBox and the Lawn Mower

Two boys, Tyler and Dylan, 14-year-old twins who couldn’t be any different from each other, woke up one morning to find their grandfather Jim sitting at their kitchen table eating breakfast. Seeing Grandpa was quite a surprise, he lived more than 600 miles away! Grandpa was there with some exciting news. He had gotten a check in the mail from a bank he hadn’t visited in more than 50 years. A savings account he had forgotten about was being closed, and the check was payment for the balance of the account. He was about 14-years-old himself the last time he’d gone into that bank to make a deposit of just three dollars. Back then, three dollars could buy a whole lot more than Tyler and Dylan can get with three dollars today. Grandpa Jim had earned that money mowing Mrs. Johnson’s lawn up the street. He mowed a lot of lawns that summer. When he made his deposit that day a half-century ago, he had a balance of $250 in his account, the product of two summers of mowing a lot of lawns.

Over the course of a half century, that $250 grew to a sum of nearly $900!

Grandpa Jim had left his home around lunch time the day before to drive out and share his new found riches with his only two grandchildren, and had gotten into town in the middle of the night while they were sleeping.

Grandpa Jim had eight $100 bills in his pocket, four for each boy. He told them they could do whatever they liked with it.

Tyler knew right away exactly what he was going to do with his money. Several of his friends had “Call of Duty” on the XBox 360, and were playing together on-line almost every day. Tyler was never able to join them because he didn’t have an XBox 360. He would have enough to get the system, the game, and a subscription to the online service he’d need to play with his friends.

Dylan, on the other hand, was impressed with his grandfather’s story. He asked his father if they could stop by the local home improvement store on their way home from getting Tyler’s XBox so he could buy a lawn mower. School was about to get out, and he wanted to spend his summer earning money by mowing neighbors lawns.
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