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Moved In – Almost

I’m all moved in to my new apartment now, almost. I have about 80-90% of my stuff moved. The rest I plan on packing and bringing up on weekends. I also need to have my phone hooked up, and my internet was hooked up on Friday, but it’s not working right now.

What I was hoping would be the easiest move I’ve done so far was far from it. It was my own fault too. I should have been packing things over the last few weeks, but I didn’t really. This made it tough because I spent half my time loading boxes when I could have been putting boxes in the trailer.

It took two days and two trips to get everything that I’ve moved so far. the first day was mostly boxes and small stuff, while the second day was the couch, loveseat, a bed, and soem more boxes.

Based on how today went, I’m guessing I’ll be going home a lot on weekends. I don’t know anyone in Granite City except the people I work with, and felt kinda lonely today. On the other hand, there were no dogs barking when I wanted to sleep. I do live close to a train track though, and last night I think there was a train every ten minutes or so. Not a big deal though.

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Morning. So far it’s an average to good Holiday. On the down side, my maternal grandmother is in a nursing home recovering from shoulder surgery and heart problems. Instead of the normal Christmas Day at her house, we will be visiting her in the nursing home.

My family normally celebrates Christmas by spending Christmas Eve with the immediate family and Christmas Day with the extended family, usually on Momís side. Last night my brother and I went to Christmas Eve service at the Free Church. Mom and Dad planned on going to the 11:00 PM service at the Lutheran church, but didnít end up going. I was very tired at 5:00 and knew that I wouldnít make it until 11:00, and Lutheran services make me sleepy whatever time of day they are held.

After church we had dinner, spaghetti, followed by gift exchange. My Parents gave me a DeWalt cordless tool kit, with a Sawz-All, a circular saw, a hammer drill, and a light. All are battery powered. They also gave me a nice black suede jacket, and a corning pot that can be used on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave. I gave Mom a piece for her Department 56/Dickens collection. Itís a cottage with a skating rink next to it. My brother and I went in together to give Dad a 20Ē TV. I gave my brother a $25 Best Buy gift certificate, and he gave me a $50 gift certificate to Northwestern (Christian) Books.

Santa came to our house last night. He left a pair of pajama pants, a pair of piers, a stocking hat, and a 1942 half dollar coin that Iím pretty sure is silver.

Today will be a good day of rest. Tomorrow I begin moving into my apartment. I got a bunch of stuff packed yesterday and put into the trailer. I expect to need 2 loads to get everything from home, and another to get the bedroom set from my aunts that she is giving me. Since I waited as long as I could to pack, I will likely be bringing some things up on weekends for a while. By the end of the weekend, I should have everything I need to get through the week though. Thatís been my goal all along. I want to be able to stay there during the week and have enough to keep me from being too bored in the evenings when I am home alone. All it really takes is the TV and computer and maybe a book to keep me from being too bored.

To all who may be reading this I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas. God Bless!

A Good Day

Yesterday I got a call from the manager of the apartment I put in for. My application was accepted. I have to go in on Monday to sign the actual lease. I’ve gotten some boxes and started packing. I look forward to this probably being the easiest move I’ve done so far, and maybe the easiest I ever will do. In the past, I had to start school, so it was an all at once deal, or school was out and there was no desire to make more than one trip to or from Fargo, so it was also all at once. This time, I will likely move most of my stuff right away, but I have no real rush. I also have a lot of stuff still packed and in storage from when I graduated college, so that’s a bunch of work I don’t have to do. Getting everything out of the back of the storage space will be the worst part.

In a shocking move, Cousin Sal picked the 8-6 Vikings to beat the 12-2 Chiefs. The Cheifs, even though they are the visiting team, were the overwhelming favorites to win. As I write this, the Vikes are up 45-20 with 3:40 left in the game. I don’t see how they can lose at this point.

As of today, I have gotten all my Christmas shopping done, with 4 days to spare. I only had 4 people to buy for, so it wasn’t too bad. It’s still nice to be done though.

Here’s What’s New

The paperwork and a check is ready to go. Once I drop them off, I’ll be committed to an apartment. I’m excited, it’s a really nice place that’s more than I thought I could afford. It’s got two nice sized bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a washer and dryer, which everyone insists I want. The building is fairly new, and it’s really nice. I’m also a little apprehensive. My apprehension is directly related to my feeling most comfortable when I’m not in the middle of change. I know I can afford this apartment, but am unsure of how much money I’ll have left over after rent and bills every month. I’m also apprehensive because with the layoffs I’ve gone through since graduating from college, I feel like I’m really stepping out on a limb, and trusting that I won’t be laid off half way through my lease. I trust God, which is not only all I can do, it’s all I need to do.

Work is going really well. I’m still waiting for the amount of work to increase so I can stay busy, but I know once it does I will likely be too busy. I got my first ever Christmas bonus yesterday. It wasn’t a lot, but I’ve only worked here a little over a month. I wasn’t expecting anything, or even thinking about the possibility, so it was a very nice surprise. I’m also getting more used to the job and the people. My boss is turning out to be a great guy to work for, and my coworkers are nice people.

Christmas is just a week away. It doesn’t seem like it to me though. I have much of my shopping done, which has been easy since I only have four people to buy for. I bought a gift for both my dad and brother, and have to figure out something for mom and my grandmother. I know what my “big gift” from my parents is, and look forward to getting that. I know because I was with my dad when he decided to get it, and asked if I wanted it. I also put it away for him so as to not be found before Christmas, because my brother is getting the same thing. I look forward to both Christmas and New Years this year mostly for the time off and I look forward to getting done with this move.

“Take a Break”

So it’s about 11:15am as I start to write this. About two hours ago, my supervisor said “take a break while I find something for you to work on.” So here I am, on a break that has lasted 2 hours and counting.

I’ve got an apointment to look at a third apartment this evening. I hope that it’s the last one I’ll look at. I was leaning towards another apartment about a block from work, but this one may be better. I drove by it last night, and it was a nice building. The rent is about the same, and this one appears to be no more than about 5 years old, while the one a block from work appeared to be built in the 80’s, or earlier. This one also is said to be getting a washer and dryer before I would move in. From the sounds of the place, and from what I’ve seen so far, I may be signing a lease tonight. The only thing that might stop me that I can think of is that it may not be on the right side of the building to install my satellite dish.

Another Apartemnet Viewing

I went and looked at another place Friday over my lunch break. It wasn’t the greatest place, but overall I liked it a little better than the place I looked at a week ago. The best part of this place is that it’s only about a block from work, so I could save a lot of money on gas. They also offer a garage for $20/month. The money I’d save on gas should easily pay for the garage.

I will likely take this one. I hope to move in the weekend after New Years Day.

Best Buy Sucks

I’m not too happy with Best Buy right now. My new Tivo is on the fritz, so I called DirecTV to see if there was anything they could do to help me fix it. They told me that I should take it back to Best Buy and get a new one. I took it to Best Buy and they told me that they have a 30 day return policy and since I bought it 33 days ago, they couldn’t help me. THREE FRIGGIN DAYS!!! I’ve worked for places that take anything back, including things they don’t even sell. It makes the customers happy, and they come back enough to make up for the losses. Best Buy apparently figures it has enough customers that pissing them off isn’t a big deal.

DirecTV on the other hand, has been very helpful. They may even let me exchange it with them, even though I didn’t buy it from them. I have to contact Philips first to see if I can get it replaced as per the factory warrenty. The bad news is that it will probably cost me some money for that. If nothing else, I’ll have to ship the thing to the factory. Well, you win some – you lose some. I usually come out a winner, so I gotta take a loss sometimes too.

Followup on the last post

At least there is one of the nine Justices that is looking out for us. Justice Antonin Scalia has been a staunch defender of Constitutional values, and is by far the biggest advocate of individual rights and limited government as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. The following is from his dissenting opinion on this case (McConnell v. Federal Election Commission):
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Another Stab in the Back from the Supreme Court

A few days ago, the Supreme Court betrayed our nation once again. Earlier this year, Senators John McCain (R- Arizona) and Russ Feingold (D- Wisconsin) pushed through legislation that restricted campaign finance by stripping the average American of one avenue of Free Speech. It says that for 30 days before a primary election, and 60 days before a mainstream election, special interest groups and individuals cannot take out ads against a candidate. G.W. pushed the knife further into our backs by signing the legislation saying that even though he disliked the bill, the support for it led him to sign it and that the Supreme Court would overturn the bill. Or at least the most controversial parts of it. Well, rather than overturning the bill, the Supremes took the knife in our backs and twisted it. Most people don’t understand the impact of this new law. They don’t care because they can’t afford to take out ads anyway. This is lunacy!!! Not utilizing a Constitutional right is one thing, but not having that right is completely another.

I think it’s amazing what kind of emotion comes out at the mere mention of the words “Special Interest”. He people, if we get together and start an organization that uses our collective voting power to lobby Congress to support County Fairs, we’re a special interest. This is why the left is so against special interests. (County Fairs is just an idea pulled out of thin air, it could be anything). Special Interests are a way of allowing average people without the resources to do things on their own to pool their resources to get something done. It’s really a way for the little guy to be involved, but then no matter how much the left speaks out in favor of the little guy, they actually want the little guy silenced and dependent on them.

Before this law, I could start a pool to raise money to make a TV commercial describing all the bad things some politician did in office in order to try to get him voted out of office. With this new law that the Supreme Court upheld, I’m beholden upon the left-wing media to do this for me.

This is the first strike at eliminating the First Amendment. I recently read an op-ed that put it best, the day is coming when we have to exercise our Second Amendment rights in order to exercise our First Amendment rights.

Simpsons Line of the Week

This week will be the first installment of “The Simpsons Line of the Week”
This weeks finalists are:

“I eat Legos” – Ralph Wiggum
“Disco Stu Knows his place” – Disco Stu
“Krusty, The ratings were good, Reymond re-run good” – TV Show guy

And the winner is:

“Disco Stu Knows his place” – Disco Stu