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Seeing the States

I’ve posted this once before, but Ogre inspired me to do it again.

When you consider road trips, and driving through states to get to other states, I have been to or through all the red ones here:
(Alaska is sort of cheating, I was 6 months old, but technically I’ve been there.)

If you define having at least spent a night in a state as having been there, I’ve only been to these:

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A War of Words

It’s hard to believe that nearly a billion people take this guy seriously.

A Man of the People

John Edwards got a lot of heat back in April for a $400 haircut, and now news is coming out that he has paid as much as $1250 for a haircut.

For four decades, Joseph Torrenueva has cut the hair of Hollywood celebrities, from Marlon Brando to Bob Barker, so when a friend told him in 2003 that a presidential candidate needed grooming advice, he agreed to help.

The Beverly Hills hairstylist, a Democrat, said he hit it off with then-Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina at a meeting in Los Angeles that brought several fashion experts together to advise the candidate on his appearance. Since then, Torrenueva has cut Edwards’s hair at least 16 times.

At first, the haircuts were free. But because Torrenueva often had to fly somewhere on the campaign trail to meet his client, he began charging $300 to $500 for each cut, plus the cost of airfare and hotels when he had to travel outside California.

Torrenueva said one haircut during the 2004 presidential race cost $1,250 because he traveled to Atlanta and lost two days of work.

Amazing! This doofus who claims to ba a champion of “the little guy”, actually spent 83 times more money on a haircut than I spent on my last cut. Twice as much would be understandable. Maybe even three times. 83 is a bit excessive though.

More Free Speech Suspensions

The last post was Christians evangelizing at the Gay Pride festival in Atlanta. Now it’s Christians handing out tracts in York, Pennsylvania.

Pro-life protesters are taking their case to federal court because they claim York, Pa., police repeatedly violated their free speech rights while they were handing out tracts and preaching outside the city’s Planned Parenthood clinic .

John McTernan, Edward D. Snell, John Wood and Luanne Ferguson have filed a civil suit against York police for being “chilled, frustrated and deterred in the exercise of their First Amendment activities due to the city’s policy of ignoring First Amendment rights.”

Their complaint states, “By denying plaintiffs the right to access public streets with other like-minded people, [York police] denied plaintiffs the right of assembly on account of the content of their message.”

Attorney Dennis Boyle represents the pro-life advocates in the case.

“Essentially we have a series of arrests by the York City Police Department that have gone to the state, and the pro-life people have been found not guilty in the state court system,” he said. “So we’ve filed a federal court suit to prevent these unlawful arrests from continuing. It is just the police officers basically trying to make life inconvenient for the pro-life people here.”

Seriously, if the pro-abortion crowd are the ones who are right about the issue, why can’t they win the debate in the free market of ideas? By silencing those who disagree with them, they don’t realize that they are inadvertently conceding the point.

Once again, when your political heroes are Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez…