Thwarting Telemarketers

I’ve posted before about Asterisk, the computerized phone system I’ve been using in my home for about a decade now. One thing I love about it is kicking calls over to special functions based on Caller ID. Known telemarketers get a tone and a message saying the number has been disconnected.

I just wish that was available on my cell phone!

I have a spare phone that sits on the counter, permanently plugged in to the wall to keep the battery charged. Our plan was actually cheaper to have this unused phone than to not have it, so we have it. It has been getting calls every few days, probably people calling the person that used to have the number. I ask telemarketers to add us to their ‘Do Not Call’ list, but they then ask what number to add. I don’t know, it’s a spare phone I never use.

So I took the audio from Asterisk and made it the voicemail greeting on this spare phone. Here it is, in case people have a use for it.

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