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Alaska Airlines Descriminates Against Heterosexuals

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new program that will charge heterosexuals 10 percent extra for their air travel to specific locations during the Christmas season.

The company actually offers the 10 percent as a discount but only if the purchaser obtains the ticket through a “gay” page of the company’s website, a location not typically patronized by families seeking travel arrangements, according to an Idaho activist who was distressed by the offering.

Bryan Fischer, of the Idaho Values Alliance, told WND the company boasts of its “nondiscrimination” policies, but, “here they are blatantly discriminating against heterosexuals in their pricing structure.”

Imagine if they were to charge MORE on their gay travel page! The outrage would be deafening!! This is one of the many reason I despise leftists/liberals, they preach tolerance and non-discrimination, but only when that discrimination is directed at their own. They are the first to practice discrimination against those who differ with them. Yeah, it’s called Hypocrisy!!

And yeah, giving special treatment to certain people is discrimination. It discriminates against everyone outside that special group.

I never understand why companies go out of their way to take sides on things that they really should be neutral on. If 2% of the population is gay, and 10% are born-again Christians likely to boycott you for your pro-gay stance, wouldn’t it be better policy to have a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that avoids upsetting either group?

Boycott Target

This edition of “Companies I avoid” is a temporary one. I love Target, and my wife and I shop there all the time. However, we’ll be staying out of Target this weekend and joining the AFA Boycott.

Banning of the words “Merry Christmas” in retail stores is something that deeply offends me, and I go out of my way to keep from being offended by anything. It makes no sense to me. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on Christmas gifts. However, to avoid “offending” those who are not buying Christmas gifts, or any “holiday” gifts for that matter, the more politically correct “Happy Holidays” is used. Now I’m not a retailer, and don’t make management decisions for anyone, but it really boggles my mind why anyone would care what non-customers think.

As a side note, I also don’t understand how any leftist can argue that Christianity is taking over this country. I hear it all the time, but it defies logic. No one is fighting to start putting creches up in public spaces, or to get stores to start using the words “Merry Christmas”. No, people are fighting to keep that which we’ve always had. I’m sorry, but when you’re fighting hard to keep from losing ground, you’re not winning the war. But then, this is from the same people who say that a smaller increase in spending than they want is a cut.


This one hurts. Another company I will avoid doing business with at all costs. Walgreens has donated $100,000 to the Gay Games in Chicago.

As someone who works a regular 8-5, Walgreens has become the best place for me to get prescriptions filled, since many places close before I get home from work, and others do not link their databases between their stores, so you can’t go to a different store in the same chain to get refills.

As much as I hate Wal-Mart, that may be where I get prescriptions filled in the future.

Boycott Ford

Another company added to those I avoid. I like Ford, but prefer GM, so I wasn’t planning on buying a Ford anyway.

Add this to the mix and you can be sure I won’t be buying a Ford anytime soon.

If I had the money, I would have considered one of those cool new mustangs. Not any more.

I’ve also heard some pretty bad stuff about the Ford Foundation. I don’t remember anything specific enough to mention here, but it had to do with some of the things it gives money to. I’ve also heard they are not directly related to the Ford Motor Company. I don’t quite buy that though.

I don’t see there being a Ford in my driveway in the foreseeable future.

A Handy List

I nice list of companies and where they gave their money in the last election cycle sure makes deciding where to do business a lot easier. is a site that encourages people to do business with companies that give money to Democrats, but it is just as useful for Republicans (or in my case, Conservatives) too. A few I was pleasantly surprised to see in the red column were: Circuit City, Home Depot, Target (strange, they are or once were owned by the Dayton family, of which Senator Mark is a member),, Outback Steakhouse, Hallmark (cards), and United Airlines. Companies I was sad to see in the blue include: Costco, Sonic, and Netflix.

Hat Tip: The Flannel Avenger.

Update: A similar site, choose the blue seems at first glance to have more detailed information about how much money various companies gave to political campaigns in the last election. I doubt it sits well with the Left that the Right is using their own tactics against them.

Hat Tip: Ramblings’ Journal

Abercrombie & Fitch

Making the news periodically (at least once a year) is the newest porn magazine put out by Abercrombie & Fitch. (The link is to a column comparing it to Playboy). When I used to watch Bill O’Reilly, I could almost tell that the season changed because he’d bring it up.

Not much really needs to be said about why I avoid A&F. Their clothing is okay in my eyes, if not overpriced. I have no desire to enter an A&F store because they are way too trendy. They also have no class, putting out a catalogue every quarter that amounts to little better than a Hustler magazine.

Hat Tip (Column): Shanktified!

Proctor & Gamble and United Airlines

A few days ago I posted about a story on Fox News’ website about Bible Studies at Coka-Cola and UPS. I also mentioned that I’d like to start a list of companies I support and another of companies I avoid and why. This is the first installment of companies I avoid.

Four years ago, “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger ventured into Television and started a new show based on her popular radio show. I’m not a Dr. Laura listener, but I admire her boldness and moral grounding.

Early on, she began to have advertisers withdraw funding for her show, presumably based on it’s controversial nature. While I, as a Capitalist and Free Republican (one for a Free Republic), respect the right of any company to withdraw funding of anything for any reason, I choose to exercise that same right if I don’t like their reason.

Two of the biggest advertisers to back out of Dr. Laura’s show were Proctor & Gamble and United Airlines. Proctor & Gamble strikes me as a company that needs no explanation as to why one would avoid patronizing them.

I recall United Airlines stating that they withdrew their ads because of Schlessinger’s views on homosexuality. Specifically, I remember their statement, based on their company slogan, saying “we fly the gay friendly skies.

If I were on the Board of Directors at United, I would have merely stated that placing ads on the Dr. Laura Show was just good business, considering that it’s controversial nature would draw a large number of viewers, but that my company remains neutral as to the views expressed on the show. To make the statement they made and to take the action they took only alienated the large portion of the population that has moral, ethical, religious, or even biological differences with the gay lifestyle. Taking a political or social stand on a controversial issue is just bad business practice. You maximize your customer base when you remain apolitical in your company policy.

Because of their actions, I choose not to patronize P&G or United if at all possible. (I did have to fly United in August of 2002 when I travelled to Israel because they got me there for several hundred dollars less than their competitors.)