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Alaska Airlines Descriminates Against Heterosexuals

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new program that will charge heterosexuals 10 percent extra for their air travel to specific locations during the Christmas season.

The company actually offers the 10 percent as a discount but only if the purchaser obtains the ticket through a “gay” page of the company’s website, a location not typically patronized by families seeking travel arrangements, according to an Idaho activist who was distressed by the offering.

Bryan Fischer, of the Idaho Values Alliance, told WND the company boasts of its “nondiscrimination” policies, but, “here they are blatantly discriminating against heterosexuals in their pricing structure.”

Imagine if they were to charge MORE on their gay travel page! The outrage would be deafening!! This is one of the many reason I despise leftists/liberals, they preach tolerance and non-discrimination, but only when that discrimination is directed at their own. They are the first to practice discrimination against those who differ with them. Yeah, it’s called Hypocrisy!!

And yeah, giving special treatment to certain people is discrimination. It discriminates against everyone outside that special group.

I never understand why companies go out of their way to take sides on things that they really should be neutral on. If 2% of the population is gay, and 10% are born-again Christians likely to boycott you for your pro-gay stance, wouldn’t it be better policy to have a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that avoids upsetting either group?


This one hurts. Another company I will avoid doing business with at all costs. Walgreens has donated $100,000 to the Gay Games in Chicago.

As someone who works a regular 8-5, Walgreens has become the best place for me to get prescriptions filled, since many places close before I get home from work, and others do not link their databases between their stores, so you can’t go to a different store in the same chain to get refills.

As much as I hate Wal-Mart, that may be where I get prescriptions filled in the future.